Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday, May 31st...almost 4 weeks old....

I weighed purple and she is 7# plus a little, orange is 6 3/4# PeeWee is just under need to weight the rest....they are 4 weeks on Monday....not doing so bad in the growing area...little pigs! Clipped toenails again...boy do they grow fast! Granddaughter, Suveah, is having a ball with them this a.m. When she sits in the box they are mouthing her toes, pants and anything else they can find. Orange is still the mouthy noisy one and purple seems to be the climber...wanting to follow whoever is the box and leaves! The other three are pretty much mellow right now. They are in for a big surprise this afternoon. My son Matt that is here from St. Louis is going to help me move the whelping box into the garage pen so that they can begin to explore. Only problem is Kloe can now get all muddy and jump in their pen to feed them without my hosing her down....whoopeee! I guess a little mud/manure never hurt anyone...ugh! I will worm them the first of the week too. That is all the updating for now...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Second meal of cereal/diluted goats milk...YUMMY!

Sure seems funny seeing only 5 pups eating...I am SO used to much larger litters and having them touching each other side by side...they do seem to do better when they are touching each other...probably since that is how close they are when they nurse. They definitely can hear because when they hear the other pups lapping they start looking to see who is eating what. As you can see they aren't very neat yet. Have you noticed it is getting harder to find "peewee" she has almost caught up....really she is just where she should be ... the others are just too FAT!

Monday, May 26, 2008

We are THREE weeks old today

Granddaughter Emily holding no collar...aka "peewee"Emily holding Ms. Yellow collar...
Emily holding Ms. Orange collar....
Emily holding Ms. Purple collar....
Emily holding Ms. Pink collar.....
As you can tell they are beginning to look and act more like puppies/dogs rather than little fur balls....they had just eaten ..tummies are full so they are very tired and ready for a nap! In a day or so they will be having their cereal and goats milk. Will send their first eating session .....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

17 days old

Good are the latest photos of the crew. Mama is out doing chores with Ed. So I took this opportunity to get them all alone and snuggled together. I need to trim toe nails again they do grow fast at this age. I checked their teeth....yes they are just under the skin and ready to pop. They are also starting to toddle around and notice each other. Ran the vacuum beside the whelping box to try to get some dog hair up and it didn't seem to bother them so I guess they are either very calm or still unable to hear...?

Monday, May 19, 2008


Mama still takes good care of the gang....they are so FAT! Notice where "peewee" is...right by moms face.
Tori shows you a puppy. See we have our eyes open!
Taylor and "peewee" not so small anymore.They love the snuggles and cuddling...we are also getting our toenails trimmed too.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We are 10 days old.

Anja came in for a visit and Kloe said ok but keep your nose to yourself...notice she is nose to nose with Anja as if to push her away. Big girl purple weighs 3-9, orange weighs 3-7, pink weighs 3, yellow weighs 2-12 and peewee is at 2. Peewees belly looks like it will burst most of the time...she gets right in there to eat. She is the middle one. I will put better collars on them so you can tell who is who tomorrow or Saturday. Kloe takes bigger breaks now and actually goes out to help Ed with morning chores.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Walker, Kloe and pups (8 days old)

I think that the photos tell it all. Kloe doesn't mind having a visitor and Walker is very happy to be with the pups.

Monday, May 12, 2008

We are ONE week old today

All are becoming tubbies!!! Even little Ms. Peewee is up to 1lb. 8oz and needless to say the others are well over 2 lb.s and gaining!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Puppies are growing...

You can see peewee in the middle...she is doing fine. And of course the rest are like little Pillsbury dough boys...woops girls!! And obviously there is NO modesty for miss purple, she just needs tummy room....ha ha.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 3

They are gaining...peewee was 15oz this a.m. so she is moving along but I think I am going to supplement her a little she is right by Kloe's tail in this photo above. And any of you wondering the white toes will disappear. Kloe had one hind foot with white toes when she was little.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Visitor I am again. Taylor is holding purple collar in the top photo and "peewee" in the second one.

We are two days old

Kloe is settling in at being a mama. Babies are growing...little peewee is gaining just not as fast...I keep plugging her in when I am there. Right now Ed is heading back out and I hear him visiting with her....there's old tough farmer Ed and baby talking with the dog...hmmmmm Guess he is a softy after all ha ha. Pink and yellow collar seem to have wavy hair on their backs....sure hope that they are not coated (that would be a long hair GSD - their fur is usually softer and more fine with not much undercoat...some people only want coated GSD's as they say they don't shed near as much) I think that they are really pretty but wouldn't have one due to all the hog manure and mud that they have to track through...bad enough with a regular coat! Once again any questions or comments email me

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 1

Good morning...I had a great nights sleep with only two interruptions...I left the door to our bedroom which goes right into the utility room open so I could make sure all was well in our postwhelping room...ha ha. The only two noises were from a puppy lost...after she got up and turned around to lay down. So I snuggled her up to mama and went back to bed.

Kloe's temp is normal this a.m. And baby "peewee"-Lucky-itty bitty or whatever she ends up with gained from birthwt. of 8 oz to 9 1/2 oz. I did bring home some antibiotic for her as she was born backwards and had evidently been in distress because it was evident that there was meconium stool in her sack and when I worked to resuscitate her she spit out colored mucous and I was afraid of an aspiration pneumonia. She is very clear this a.m. but it won't hurt her. Notice where she is sleeping on her mom's hind leg...evidently she has figured out that those back faucets are the best..I sure hope so anyway.

Talked with Nathalie Lowe one of the co-owners of "Roger" the daddy and they were so surprised she had all girls...that has never happened before. They are whelping a Roger litter the 14 of the month the first litter they have whelped in five years. Roger is becoming very well know in the conformation ring and they have high hopes for his offspring. So these kids may be very showy German Shepherds ??

What I do know for sure .... they will be very socialized girls with all kinds of tender loving care. Tori, age 6 and Walker age 4 grandkids who live 1/4 mile away have already held them under Kloe's watchful eye. Will get more pix of kids and pups this evening. Am hoping to take them to Walker's preschool before it is out for the summer later this month....the kids always love it. Well, I should say would be surprised that there are actually kids that are afraid of a little puppy so I really try to do some ambassadorship for dogs and especially GSD's. Anyone have any questions or comments be sure to email me

Monday, May 5, 2008

This is it....

Kloe doesn't look so bad after delivery...she almost has a smile on her face don't you think? More photos tomorrow.

Little 'pee wee' doesn't have a collar she is between orange and purple puppies. I have one more and that is it.

Baby girl no. 5 born 12:35pm

Well, all the x-rays and time were for nothing as she fooled us and had quintuplet girls...YES you got it....NO boys at all. The last puppy was born at 12:35 p.m. today and we kept thinking she had one or two after two shots of oxytocin and no results we drove to the vet and they did an ultrasound and that was ALL. The last little girl is just that...little. I have never had a pup so small..... 80z. So I am trying to make sure she gets to a faucet frequently. We think it was due to the positioning in the uterus. Will keep you posted as to her progress and hopefully weight gain. I will put a couple more pix on and that will be all for tonight...I am tired.