Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday, May 31st...almost 4 weeks old....

I weighed purple and she is 7# plus a little, orange is 6 3/4# PeeWee is just under need to weight the rest....they are 4 weeks on Monday....not doing so bad in the growing area...little pigs! Clipped toenails again...boy do they grow fast! Granddaughter, Suveah, is having a ball with them this a.m. When she sits in the box they are mouthing her toes, pants and anything else they can find. Orange is still the mouthy noisy one and purple seems to be the climber...wanting to follow whoever is the box and leaves! The other three are pretty much mellow right now. They are in for a big surprise this afternoon. My son Matt that is here from St. Louis is going to help me move the whelping box into the garage pen so that they can begin to explore. Only problem is Kloe can now get all muddy and jump in their pen to feed them without my hosing her down....whoopeee! I guess a little mud/manure never hurt anyone...ugh! I will worm them the first of the week too. That is all the updating for now...


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