Friday, September 11, 2009


Ok, here is exactly what happened. Tori started into labor yesterday afternoon. Had the first puppy (boy) at 5:35pm and we waited till 9pm to give a shot of oxytocin with no puppy, then another shot at 9:30 with no results (it is a very short acting drug). Gave her another shot at 10 and gave her another hour till 11 with no pup so we went to the vets and she had a C-Sec. done and all the other four (1 boy and 3 girls) were still born. That is so hard to take. So since Tori is 8 yrs next week I had them spay her right then and there. Ed was glad that I did, he said she is too old to have another litter. This was her second, the first with us. Right now she has a little temp but is eating very well and drinking. Our little lone boy is nursing well, lost an oz. but that is normal for the first 24hrs. Sure wish it had been a true success story darn it! Just so glad that Tori is ok too.


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