Thursday, August 27, 2009

CH CaralonQed Wing'd Victory B Treu, CGC

Finally I am back on my blog. After all the sadness with losing Anja and Kloe we now have a wonderful girl with the call name of Tori. She was given to us by Scootie Sherlock in March. Tori is a sweet heart although no two dogs are alike and they all have their special trates. Tori has filled the big void that Ed and I had after losing our beloved girls.
Now for the great news. Scootie has been trying to get Tori bred for a couple years with no luck ...well with a lot of technological help Tori was surgically artificially semenated on July 11th in DesMoines, IA. And the ultrasound on August 6th showed 5 pups! We will have an x-ray done a couple days before her due date which is Sept. 12th...Tori's birthday is Sept. 15th when she will be 8. This is her last litter. Needless to say we are VERY excited and we are counting the days...!!
Attached is a photo of Tori much younger, of her now and her ultra sound. We will keep this blog posted when she is whelping. JAN


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