Sunday, June 15, 2008

Visitors from Chicago 6-12-08

Our first trip outside in the real grass and big world was today when one of our future adoptive families visited from Chicago. Don't really care where we are as long as we get fed! When I feed them I use 5 bells on a string and ring them so that they begin to associate the bells sound with good things....really comes in handy when out in the back yard...just ring the bells and they come running!!!
Here is chubby orange collar...I am going to have to change some of the collars so that they don't get hidden in their fur and you can see who is who!!

Whoops....aren't I getting a bit too big for this scale?

Now that is one humble looking puppy...makes one wonder what she has been doing...??? This coming Tuesday the 17th we go to the vet and get our puppy physical....then we will know how much each of them weighs etc.


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