Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We are two days old

Kloe is settling in at being a mama. Babies are growing...little peewee is gaining just not as fast...I keep plugging her in when I am there. Right now Ed is heading back out and I hear him visiting with her....there's old tough farmer Ed and baby talking with the dog...hmmmmm Guess he is a softy after all ha ha. Pink and yellow collar seem to have wavy hair on their backs....sure hope that they are not coated (that would be a long hair GSD - their fur is usually softer and more fine with not much undercoat...some people only want coated GSD's as they say they don't shed near as much) I think that they are really pretty but wouldn't have one due to all the hog manure and mud that they have to track through...bad enough with a regular coat! Once again any questions or comments email me


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