Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 1

Good morning...I had a great nights sleep with only two interruptions...I left the door to our bedroom which goes right into the utility room open so I could make sure all was well in our postwhelping room...ha ha. The only two noises were from a puppy lost...after she got up and turned around to lay down. So I snuggled her up to mama and went back to bed.

Kloe's temp is normal this a.m. And baby "peewee"-Lucky-itty bitty or whatever she ends up with gained from birthwt. of 8 oz to 9 1/2 oz. I did bring home some antibiotic for her as she was born backwards and had evidently been in distress because it was evident that there was meconium stool in her sack and when I worked to resuscitate her she spit out colored mucous and I was afraid of an aspiration pneumonia. She is very clear this a.m. but it won't hurt her. Notice where she is sleeping on her mom's hind leg...evidently she has figured out that those back faucets are the best..I sure hope so anyway.

Talked with Nathalie Lowe one of the co-owners of "Roger" the daddy and they were so surprised she had all girls...that has never happened before. They are whelping a Roger litter the 14 of the month the first litter they have whelped in five years. Roger is becoming very well know in the conformation ring and they have high hopes for his offspring. So these kids may be very showy German Shepherds ??

What I do know for sure .... they will be very socialized girls with all kinds of tender loving care. Tori, age 6 and Walker age 4 grandkids who live 1/4 mile away have already held them under Kloe's watchful eye. Will get more pix of kids and pups this evening. Am hoping to take them to Walker's preschool before it is out for the summer later this month....the kids always love it. Well, I should say most...you would be surprised that there are actually kids that are afraid of a little puppy so I really try to do some ambassadorship for dogs and especially GSD's. Anyone have any questions or comments be sure to email me gritton@nbsmail.net


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