Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mr. NINE is 8 weeks....and 15 lbs.

Hello all,
it has been quite awhile since I last put photos up. Mr. Nine is a big boy...8wks today as a matter of fact. He has turned into the best pup...sure do wish we could change his sex! He has so many of mama Tori's traits. He moves so smoothly unless he is ducking as Tori comes barreling in to play with him. He can't even pee in peace but what she is hassling him.
This a.m. he had both ears up...he looks so cute. Going to be a very easy boy to potty train. He will not potty in the utility room so when we let him into the kitchen area I take him out first and he will usually potty 2x's and is ready to come in. I have him in the kennel outside on these wonderful days and he will NOT poop in there! He will need to be set on occasionally... when it is nail trimming time, for example...but he is learning who is the boss. He no longer bites at pant legs after some firm corrections...however, he does still like those shoe laces, haha.


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