Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Grandkids to play outside with us.....

Our mama plays with us and keeps us in line outside in the big world.

Walker tries to convince Ms. Orange collar to leave mom.
Grandkids are playing with Kloe and pups....
The pups still try to nurse and Kloe says forget it!! Tori loves Pink collar.
Ms. Yellow collar seems to know how to show herself...look at her extend that front leg....she is a lady on a mission!!!


Ok, Ms. Pink collar is FIRST....for her check up and shot.

Pink collar ready for check up and shots...she weighed in at 11# even.

Yellow collar checks out fine...and weighs exactly 9#

Orange collar is a porker at 12.4#.....but I don't want to be stacked thank you!!!

Our first ride in the car...we sang for awhile but then we calmed down to soothing music...

Pee Wee (no collar) weighs in at 9.4# so she has surpassed Yellow collar....way to go pee wee!!!

Dr. Colleen Lewis checks our hearts....

Purple does not appreciate Colleens fingers in her mouth to check her bite! She weighed in at 12.4#'s just like Ms. Orange collar.

After a good nap when we got home....we had visitors................

Monday, June 16, 2008

We are SIX weeks today !

The best thing about being free in the garage instead of the puppy pen are the extra entertainment.....Ed's shoes!!

Grandson, Janssen visited today from Normal, IL and gave the pups some loving! Or was it the pups that were giving him the loving.

Granddaughter, Morgan, also from Normal... had her birthday yesterday June 15th and she is now an official teenager of 13. Hard to believe she was only 2 pounds 3 oz. at birth!!! She is snuggling yellow collar.

Granddaughter, Jaclyn also from Normal is 9 and loves these pups!

I will try to get some individual pix at the vets tomorrow when they get their physicals and shots.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Visitors from Chicago 6-12-08

Our first trip outside in the real grass and big world was today when one of our future adoptive families visited from Chicago. Don't really care where we are as long as we get fed! When I feed them I use 5 bells on a string and ring them so that they begin to associate the bells sound with good things....really comes in handy when out in the back yard...just ring the bells and they come running!!!
Here is chubby orange collar...I am going to have to change some of the collars so that they don't get hidden in their fur and you can see who is who!!

Whoops....aren't I getting a bit too big for this scale?

Now that is one humble looking puppy...makes one wonder what she has been doing...??? This coming Tuesday the 17th we go to the vet and get our puppy physical....then we will know how much each of them weighs etc.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Ms. Yellow gets a snuggle from me.
Ms Pink is celebrating her 5 week birthday...ha ha. I let the pups chew and carry old milk jugs and plastic water bottles....
Another snuggle from me ...they are getting at that stage where they just can not sit still for long at all. I guess I need to weigh them so you all would have an idea of their size... they will have their puppy health exam on June 17th. Ooops forgot they will get their shots and bordatella vaccines...they will also have a poop sample checked as well. Look below for more 5 wk. photos.

WE ARE 5 WEEKS TODAY continued !!

Daughter Terri (the one in orange) said I should sit and be in one photo...puppies were not cooperating too well....
Tori loves "PeeWee" who isn't so small anymore...in fact she and Ms. Yellow are about the same.
Taylor with Ms. Orange the little loud mouth...woops she isn't so little ... she and Ms. Purple are the largest.

Terri is visiting with Ms. Pink....she is a real cry baby....loves company and looks like she loves Terri's chin too!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Kloe went to the Quad Cities Dog Obedience Club on Friday and took her Canine Good Citizen test ( http://www.akc.org/events/cgc/program.cfm ). She passed with flying colors...what a girl! Next Kloe's mom Anja (the pups grandma) will take her CGC certificate test.
However, Anja wasn't to be out done......she earned her Herding Tested title this weekend through the Scott County Kennel Club's AKC herding trial. Anja can now add the letters HT behind her registered name (http://www.akc.org/events/herding/ ) She passed with a qualifying score both days and did awesome....it was the handler...me...that needs the practice, ha ha!

Both judges thought that Anja has great potential...and that I should ease up and let her do her thing....both judges said "Great job!"

So there is our big news for the weekend. And, YES, the pups are growing like little weeds...sassy little kids....I will take more photos this afternoon when we have puppy visitors...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Just a couple shots of Kloe and pups. They have such sharp teeth and just clammer all over her poor girl. She stands to nurse quite a bit now. One of these days she is going to say to heck with you guys! They don't spend much time in the whelping box....they like to lay in the little cubby hole beside the box...I think because it is cooler. I have a couple of old black socks tied into a knot that they are dragging around too. That's about it for now....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Moved to the garage pen...we are big girls now!

They have figured out how to use the little step to get in and out...
Pee wee says I am sticking with my mama.
Granddaughter Summer plays with Kloe and peewee while the others snooze in their bed.

Notice the bed is now 1/2 paper to encourage the pups to keep their sleeping area clean and to potty on the paper. Soon they get the idea.....notice the opening to the pen...now Kloe can come and go as she pleases but the pups can't get out.