Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Waist is getting bigger

Good morning....Kloe is really becoming more lazy. And I measured her waist today and we are now 34" with one week to go from today. Remember 63 days gestation for dogs but sometimes they do come I will start taking and recording her temperature probably on Saturday a couple times a day so that I will be sure to know when it drops. Normal temp is around 101.5 and when it drops to close to 99 degrees I will know that she will whelp within 12-24hrs. I will be sure to keep you posted. Remember x-ray count puppies. It is getting closer...hopefully at this time next week we will be done!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kloe's day 52

Good morning...I guess mother nature is starting to click in with Kloe. I left two sheets of newspaper on the steps to the house....newly painted and we have had a lot of rain so I didn't want the steps to get covered with mud...and that my friend will be a losing battle! Anyway, she proceded to rip up the paper which she has never done before...maybe she is getting some practice in for making her nest?? Her tummy now measures 32".

The whelping box is all painted and ready to be brought into the house in one week and then I will start taking her temperature a couple times a day because the normal temp for a dog is 101.5+ or - and within 12 to 24 hours before whelping the temperature will drop to near 99 degrees so then I will know to be ready!

We have our apt. for x-rays to be done next Saturday morning so I will be able to tell you how many pups we will be expecting then. So until May 3rd bye bye.....JAN

Saturday, April 19, 2008

They must be growing...

I measured Kloe today as she wiggled all I could guess is she is now 31" at the bottom rib area. I am getting ready to paint her whelping box and the scales are all ready as are the medications we might need and saving lots of newspapers as well. Don't worry there will be lots and lots of photos to keep you updated when the whelping begins. I will measure her again next weekend.

Friday, April 4, 2008

whew......... P U !

Well, I certainly didn't think that I would be adding another note to the blog today anyway....just be very glad that Kloe and Anja (her mom) are not at your house this evening....the flushed out a family of SKUNKS.....I don't even see them but I can sure smell them....and my nose is broke as far as the smeller goes..........that is NOT good!

I am still not very proficient with this so please be patient. Below is Kloe's ultrasound of one puppy taken this a.m. Kind of fun huh? She did fine...just didn't know what in the heck we were doing when we shaved her tummy. Wonder if it tickled? Had a good chance to clip toe nails too.
The other photo was taken during the ultrasound. Dr. Colleen Lewis, assistant placing the x marks on the paper when Dr. Lewis said there was a pup. And of course, my self, holding the girl! So Ed was right....he said she was bred this a.m. before I left and has pretty much since the beginning. In fact, he thinks he saw her vomit one as well....morning was only a week after she was bred. Oh well.... So somewhere around the second or third of May I will have her x-rayed and that way we will hopefully know exactly how many so we will know when she is done whelping. I will need to think about cleaning the whelping box and possibly painting it when the outside weather ever warms up. Won't probably post for awhile until there is something interesting to discuss. DUE DATE MAY 7, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kloe's belly size

Ok, measured Kloe at noon and either she has a full tummy from chewing on a dead pig..yuk I know, but a fact on the farm or she is in fact carrying some babies...she measured 29". Very anxious to see what the ultrasound shows! JAN