Friday, April 4, 2008

I am still not very proficient with this so please be patient. Below is Kloe's ultrasound of one puppy taken this a.m. Kind of fun huh? She did fine...just didn't know what in the heck we were doing when we shaved her tummy. Wonder if it tickled? Had a good chance to clip toe nails too.
The other photo was taken during the ultrasound. Dr. Colleen Lewis, assistant placing the x marks on the paper when Dr. Lewis said there was a pup. And of course, my self, holding the girl! So Ed was right....he said she was bred this a.m. before I left and has pretty much since the beginning. In fact, he thinks he saw her vomit one as well....morning was only a week after she was bred. Oh well.... So somewhere around the second or third of May I will have her x-rayed and that way we will hopefully know exactly how many so we will know when she is done whelping. I will need to think about cleaning the whelping box and possibly painting it when the outside weather ever warms up. Won't probably post for awhile until there is something interesting to discuss. DUE DATE MAY 7, 2008


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